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Australian Blackwood Kitchen Wood Ware

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We commenced working with wood in 1981.  We only use quality timbers sourced from renewable resources within Australia.

In times when manufacturing in Australia is diminishing we continue to have high demand for our all Australian made cutting boards.

Since 1981 we have worked with timber making various products, progressively upgrading our machinery and skill levels to a stage where we can confidently claim to produce the best quality and range of kitchen wood ware in Australia. 

The timber we use comes from two sources.  The blackwood we use is a recovery grade blackwood produced by saw millers in Tasmania   We only use off cut blackwood timber that is collected during the normal saw milling operation.  Blackwood is a close grained hardwood timber.  Each board we make has its own natural characteristics

We also use Camphor Laurel timber from Northern NSW.  There are no mainstream saw millers cutting Camphor Laurel.  This timber is collected from operators who source their timber from roadside and household block clearing and where the trees have become a problem.  The timber is a prolific grower and has been declared a noxious weed in some areas.  It is progressively being cleared away from areas where the trees are not wanted.  We use this timber to produce a range of natural cut cutting boards allowing each individual slice of timber to determine the shape of the boards.

Natural timber has been proven to have antibacterial properties, are easy to care for requiring only simple maintenance to keep them looking good.

All our products are identified as Australian made and are acclaimed first class locally and throughout the world.

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